Perfect Keto Reviews: Is It Worth Your Time & Money?

You don’t need any products or supplements on a ketogenic diet to lose weight and get healthy. You must simply stick to the basic keto eating rules while keeping your carb intake below 5%.

However, a few basic supplements can help you reach your weight loss goals quicker while saving time and money. For example, if you’re craving a sugary chocolate bar, instead of resisting the urge for as long as you can, simply snack on a Perfect Keto bar. 

These snacks taste like regular chocolate bars, so you can get rid of any cravings and go about your day. This is just one example of how Perfect Keto Reviews can make your keto journey easier.

So you might be wondering, is Perfect Keto worth it? Well, in this post, I’ll cover my favorite Perfect Keto products, what I like about them, the pros and cons, and if it’s worth your time and money.

Perfect Keto Range of Products

What is Perfect Keto and Why Should I Care?

Dr. Anthony Gustin founded Perfect Keto in November 2016, and since then, he has sold some of the best keto bars, drinks and supplements on the market. 

Eating a ketogenic diet helped Dr. Gustin lose weight, improve his health markers and increase his overall energy levels.

This is why he founded Perfect Keto. His goal is to improve the health of customers by offering tasty yet healthy products. Perfect Keto’s products contain no carbs, sugars, chemicals, gluten or toxic oils like vegetable oil.

You might be thinking, “I don’t need keto products. All I need to do is eat less than 50 grams of carbs per day and I’ll be in ketosis”. And while that is true, keto products can make your health journey a lot easier and tasty while saving you money.

For example, Perfect Keto MCT oil powder is proven to suppress sugar cravings and keep you feeling fuller for longer. This makes it a helpful supplement if you’re doing intermittent fasting. I like adding a scoop to my morning coffee with some unsweetened almond milk.

By using the Perfect Keto MCT oil powder as a tool to help you fast for longer, you’ll lose weight while saving money because you aren’t eating several meals per day.

Now that you know what Perfect Keto is and how it can help you lose weight and save money, let’s look at who it’s for.

Who is Perfect Keto For?

Anyone on a keto diet can use Perfect Keto; however, there are a few groups of dieters who’ll benefit the most.

  • On the go keto dieters
  • Keto dieters who’re craving sugar
  • Those suffering from keto flu

On The Go Keto Dieters

If you’re always busy and rarely have time to whip up a snack when leaving the house, then Perfect Keto is a convenient option for you.

You could carry a few Perfect Keto chocolate bars and cookies with you and snack on it while waiting for your children at school.

Regular chocolate bars contain over 50 grams of sugar. This sends your insulin levels through the roof and leads to severe long-term issues like diabetes and cancer. Most chocolate bars and candy also contain vegetable oil and high-fructose corn syrup, which causes chronic inflammation.

With Perfect Keto chocolate bars, you’re eating no sugar, artificial sweeteners, GMO’s or inflammation-causing vegetable oils. All the flavor is created naturally.

Perfect Keto Mallow Munch Bar

Keto Dieters Who’re Craving Sugar

If you’re on a ketogenic diet and you’re struggling with sugar cravings, then Perfect Keto can help. Sugar cravings are annoying and can ruin your entire day because all you can think about is that honey-glazed doughnut or cupcake.

When I first quit sugar, it felt like it was impossible to focus on my work. All my brain thought about was eating that sugary treat.

If you’re going through the same problem, try Perfect Keto since it’ll help with sugar cravings so you can focus on enjoying life.

My favorite Perfect Keto snacks are the Mallow Munch bars, SuperFat Keto Brownie Mix and Perfect Keto Nut Butter.

Those Suffering From Keto Flu

The keto flu occurs around two to seven days after you start eating zero carbs. Some symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability

These symptoms are nothing to worry about since your body is just adapting to ketones as your primary energy source instead of glucose.

However, these symptoms can affect your day-to-day life. This is where Perfect Keto supplements can help your body adapt and feel better.

The most effective way to defeat keto flu is to eat more electrolytes, especially sodium. When you’re on keto, your body secretes more salt and most beginners don’t replenish this salt. With a lack of electrolytes, you’ll be left feeling tired and irritable.

Some keto dieters drink saltwater and heavily salt their food to replace lost sodium. However, saltwater doesn’t taste nice, and food with lots of salt is unpleasant.

Instead, try Perfect Keto’s electrolyte supplements. It contains sodium, magnesium and potassium to help defeat keto flu. It also has vitamin D for an extra boost. You can even get them in different flavors like pink lemonade, black cherry and watermelon.

Now that you know who can benefit from using Perfect Keto, let’s review some popular products.

My Favorite Perfect Keto Products

Although Perfect Keto creates some of the best keto-friendly snacks on the market, a few still stood out to me. Here are my favorite Perfect Keto snacks and supplements.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

MCT oil is a powerful supplement for those on a ketogenic diet since it’s proven to strengthen brain health, reduce hunger, and promote fat loss. MCT oil is derived from coconut oil, so it contains a lot of fat. 

One tablespoon of MCT oil contains 14 grams of fat, making it a good option if you’re looking to up your fat intake.

In one scoop of Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder, you’ll find:

  • 10 grams of MCT oil powder
  • Acacia fiber
  • 70 calories
  • Natural flavors
  • Keto-friendly sweeteners

Notice that there are no sugars or funny fillers. Perfect Keto uses fewer ingredients so you can experience more health benefits.

Here are some benefits of using Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder:

  • It gets converted straight into ketones
  • The powder helps you remain in ketosis
  • It gives you an increased level of energy
  • The MCTs suppress hunger

I like adding some of Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder to my morning coffee. Since it’s converted directly into ketones, it gives me a boost in energy and helps control my hunger throughout the day.

If I’m doing intermittent fasting, I’ll drink another few cups of coffee with MCT oil powder in it whenever I start feeling hungry.

The MCT oil powder tastes just like coffee creamer, and it dissolves quickly, making it a tasty replacement for low-quality creamers and sweeteners. 

For extra flavor, choose between a wide variety of options like peanut butter, strawberry, vanilla, matcha latte and cinnamon toast.

Perfect Keto Collagen Powder

Perfect Keto Collagen Powder

Collagen powder is proven to strengthen joints and improve gut health. It also offers unique beauty benefits like clearer skin, stronger nails and thicker hair.

One scoop of Perfect Keto collagen contains:

  • 10 grams of hydrolyzed collagen powder
  • 5 grams of MCT oil
  • 80 calories

It’s also dairy, gluten and sugar-free, making it a popular choice for keto dieters who are lactose and gluten intolerant.

When I started using Perfect Keto’s collagen powder, I noticed my hair got thicker after a few weeks.

It also offers unique benefits for athletes. Although collagen doesn’t contain amino acids needed for muscle growth, it offers amino acids that help with muscle recovery and joint health. This makes it a tasty option as a post-workout drink.

You can choose between flavors like:

  • Strawberry
  • Salted caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut butter

Like MCT oil powder, I like mixing Perfect Keto’s collagen powder into my coffee. You can also use it in shakes, smoothies and post-workout drinks. 

Pro tip: If you’re going through an afternoon slump, try mixing some collagen powder with exogenous ketones in your coffee for a quick boost in energy. This way, you get the benefits of collagen, MCTs and ketones in one cup.

Perfect Keto Chocolate Bars and Cookies

Perfect Keto Chocolate Bar

Eliminating your favorite candy and snacks is intimidating.

When I first started following a ketogenic diet, I didn’t know what to snack on throughout the day. However, when I came across Perfect Keto’s chocolate bars and cookies, I fell in love with them since they tasted like my favorite chocolate bars while being keto-friendly.

When you visit your supermarket, you might see several different types of keto bars for sale. Unfortunately, many companies add sugar and preservatives that knock you out of ketosis.

Fortunately, Perfect Keto doesn’t add any grains, gluten or fillers to its chocolate bars. 

Here are the ingredients in one Perfect Keto bar:

  • Almond butter
  • Grass-fed collagen
  • 100% cocoa chocolate chips
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • MCT oil powder
  • Stevia
  • Monk fruit extract

Also, Perfect Keto chocolate bars only contain one gram of net carb, 19 grams of fat, and 10 grams of protein. 

I’d highly recommend this to anyone who’s battling sugar cravings since it satisfies your sweet tooth while giving your body high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. 

You can also choose between various flavors like peanut butter chocolate chip, banana bread, salted caramel and cinnamon roll.

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base

Perfect Keto Chocolate Whey

Ketones are an alternative fuel source to glucose. You can get all the energy you need endogenously or inside your body using the fat you eat. Research shows that ketones are a cleaner energy source than glucose, and it’s the brain’s preferred fuel source.

But although we can produce ketones endogenously, studies show there are multiple benefits to exogenous or external ketones.

Perfect Keto’s exogenous base contains BHB, the primary ketone molecule that our bodies need for energy production. With under 20 calories per serving, this is one of the cleanest exogenous supplements available.

Perfect Keto’s exogenous ketone base is available in:

  • Strawberry 
  • Lemonade
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla 
  • Salted caramel 

If you’re struggling to pick between flavors, try strawberry lemonade; it’s my favorite.

I’d highly recommend this product for anyone who just started a keto diet or is thinking about starting. When you’re new to keto, there’s a period where your body produces ketones but is still learning how to use them effectively, resulting in headaches, fatigue and irritability. 

Using exogenous supplements during this time provides your body with extra fuel to help you get through your day.

Perfect Keto Electrolytes

Electrolytes are minerals that play an integral part in ensuring your bodily functions run smoothly.

Studies show that electrolytes:

This makes it essential to supplement with electrolytes like Perfect Keto electrolytes. It contains the three most critical electrolytes you need when doing keto; sodium, potassium and magnesium. 

Perfect Keto also added vitamin D in their electrolyte blend because it’s one of the most common nutrient deficiencies and plays a critical role in absorbing electrolytes.

I’m a big fan of using Perfect Keto electrolytes when fasting because your body uses more electrolytes than usual. Over the long term, this loss of electrolytes can lead to cramps and fatigue.

But with Perfect Keto electrolytes, you’ll replenish these lost nutrients, making fasting easier.

Is The Perfect Keto Subscription Worth It?

The Perfect Keto subscription is a good option for you if you buy different types of Perfect Keto products because you can save big.

When signing up for the subscription, you’ll save 15% to 20% on your favorite products. Once you select how often you’d like to receive these products, like every 30, 60 or 90 days, you’re good to go.

This makes planning easy and convenient. You’ll receive all your keto products and supplements every month or two, so you don’t have to shop online every time.

Perfect Keto Nola Granola Bar

What I Like About Perfect Keto

Although Perfect Keto improved my overall lifestyle, there are a few benefits that stand out.

Perfect Keto Makes Fasting Super Easy

Before I tried Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder, I always felt hungry when intermittent fasting. I’d drink tea and coffee to help push through the hunger, but it rarely worked.

However, I learned that MCTs can help suppress appetite, so I bought Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder. It’s tasty and comes in different flavors. Every morning, I’ll add a scoop to my coffee, and I immediately notice that the hunger starts going away.

I would still get hungry once or twice throughout the day, but it’s nothing that MCT oil powder can’t fix.

So if you’re currently fasting, but you find yourself feeling hungry a lot, add a scoop of Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder to every cup of coffee. It’ll make your fast more effortless.

It Helps You Overcome Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is dangerous, and the removal of sugar from your diet can result in withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Cravings
  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Cramping
  • Nausea

This is a big problem that many people face when switching to keto. You’ll be tempted to eat sugary snacks, and these cravings can ruin your productivity. 

But with Perfect Keto’s chocolate bars and cookies, you satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your health.

Perfect Keto’s bars contain high-quality ingredients like collagen, almond butter, stevia and MCTs, resulting in guilt-free snacking.

Perfect Keto Is Convenient

Perfect Keto’s subscription is a game-changer.

Instead of buying snacks and supplements every time I’m short, I can simply sign up for the subscription, save 20% on each purchase and have my favorite treats delivered to my door every month.

I can plan how much keto-friendly sweets and snacks I’ll be eating per month and store them in my cupboard for easy access. This helps defeat sugar cravings.


  • You can eat candy without being kicked out of ketosis
  • The exogenous supplements fuel your body when starting a keto diet
  • Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder boosts energy and suppresses hunger


  • Some products are expensive
Perfect Keto Nola Peanut Butter Bar

My Testing Criteria

When asking myself if I should recommend Perfect Keto to my fellow keto dieters, I looked through the following criteria to help me make a decision:

  • Health benefits of the products
  • Convenience
  • Taste
  • Affordability

After using Perfect Keto’s snacks and supplements for a few months, I can safely say it meets all these criteria.

First, Perfect Keto only uses top-quality ingredients when making its products. These ingredients like MCT oil, almond butter, stevia and others are approved by doctors and offer health benefits like improved brain function and increased energy.

Perfect Keto’s products are also convenient. When signing up for a subscription, you’ll get all your favorite snacks and supplements delivered straight to your door every month. This way, you don’t have to buy products at the grocery store when you run out.

However, my favorite Perfect Keto benefit is the taste. When eating their chocolate bars and cookies, it tastes just like regular snacks. You also get it in different flavors like caramel, vanilla and chocolate chip which adds variety.

In terms of affordability, although Perfect Keto’s products are quite costly, it saves you money in the long term. When you’re eating sugary junk food, your insulin levels spike, blocking the satiety hormone, leptin. This causes you to always feel hungry.

Fortunately, Perfect Keto’s products promote sustained energy and fullness, so you won’t have to run to the fridge every few minutes, saving money.

Why Trust Us?

I’ve been on a ketogenic diet for over three years now, and Perfect Keto’s MCT oil powder, exogenous ketone supplement and chocolate bars have made my health journey so much easier.

For example, I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting, but I often start feeling hungry and tired before lunch without MCT oil. But when I started putting MCT oil powder in my coffee every morning, I felt fuller for longer.

Whenever I start feeling hungry again, I’d simply drink another cup of coffee with MCT oil powder in it, and it would sustain me for another few hours.

Also, when I started my keto journey, I experienced keto flu symptoms like headaches and fatigue for a few days. Luckily, I learned about Perfect Keto’s exogenous ketones, and it gave me the fuel I needed to get through my day without feeling tired or irritable. 

Final Thoughts on Perfect Keto Reviews: Is it Worth it?

A ketogenic diet allows you to burn fat, improve mental clarity and clear up your skin. Implementing a few Perfect Keto products like MCT oil powder, chocolate bars and exogenous ketone base will give you more energy and help you fight sugar cravings.

In short, Perfect Keto products will make your health journey easier while allowing you to snack on tasty treats like cookies and chocolates approved by doctors.

Perfect Keto Reviews

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