7 Best Kitchen Timers For Home Cooks In 2022

A kitchen timer allows you to walk away from your stove and complete other tasks while your food is cooking.

kitchen timer

But what is the best kitchen timer?

This post goes through everything you need to know about shopping for kitchen timers. I’ll cover the best timers while answering some commonly asked questions.

1. VOCOO Digital Kitchen Timer

VOCOO Digital Kitchen Timer

Best For: Home cooks looking for a digital kitchen timer that offers advanced features but is still affordable.

This VOCOO digital timer is small and loud, perfect for timing meals and beverages. It’s similar to the KitchenAid digital kitchen timer because of it’s sleek design. It offers handy features like:

  • Large and easy to read LED screen
  • Magnetic back
  • Adjustable alarm volume

You can set it in increments of five seconds by simply rotating the dial around the timer. If you want to go up in minutes, spin the timer quickly and when adding seconds, go a little slower.

This kitchen timer counts up to 99 minutes, so it’s a practical option if you’re slow-cooking food. To use it, simply hold the main button down for five seconds until it reaches zero, and tap it again. Once the timer is over, it’ll beep for 60 seconds, and you can stop it by touching the screen.

Powdered by three AAA batteries, the VOCOO offers two modes. The Eco Mode dims the screen after 10 seconds to save battery power. Or, if you select the option with a sun icon, it’ll stay bright.

But my favorite addition is the magnet at the back. It lets you stick the VOCOO to your coffee machine, refrigerator or stove for easy timing.


  • It’s portable
  • The magnet makes sticking your timer to the stove easy
  • It doesn’t take a lot of battery power
  • The timer goes up to 99 minutes
  • It also works as a stopwatch


  • It takes a while to get used to the outer ring

2. AOUCE 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer

AOUCE 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timer

Best For: New cooks who want a basic timer that doesn’t offer additional bells and whistles.

These digital kitchen timers come in a small box with two units and you get two AAA batteries with it. So if you’re cooking food and brewing coffee simultaneously, use the magnet to stick one timer to the stove and the other on your coffee machine.

Here are some features that’ll benefit your cooking experience:

  • Big buttons and a loud buzzer
  • A large kick out stand
  • Clock mode

What stands out about the AOUCE digital timer is the simplicity. It only has a screen and three buttons, so there’s no learning curve. You have a button for minutes, seconds and stop-start.

Even though the design isn’t as sleek as the VOCOO, it gets the job done.

At the back, you’ll find a retractable stand so you can place it on the table facing up. There’s also a loop on top to hang it against the wall. 


  • The AOUCE offers an easy to read display
  • It offers a countdown feature
  • You’ll find a retractable stand and loop for hanging
  • The magnet allows you to stick the timer to anything metal
  • It has two timers in one box


  • It only goes up to 59 minutes
  • Setting long-timers is tedious

3. ANTONKI Classroom Timer for Kids

ANTONKI Classroom Timer for Kids

Best For: Home cooks who’re teaching their children healthy cooking and eating habits.

This ANTONKI portable timer is a mix between the sleek VOCOO and basic AOUCE. According to ANTONKI, it’s the number one selling timer in the US. One box contains two digital timers so you can prepare multiple meals at once.

Here are my favorite features:

  • Memory mode
  • Large kick outstand
  • Countdown function

Powered by a single AAA battery, this timer has a 1000-day warranty, so if it breaks within 1000 days of purchase, simply send it back to ANTONKI, and they’ll replace it for free.

You’ll also notice it’s super simple. It uses a three-button design that makes changing the minutes and seconds easy. It also goes up to 99 minutes, so you can use it for longer meals. 

But it does have drawbacks. I feel like the alarm is too loud. An easy way to fix this is to put some tape on the speaker to dampen the sound. The viewing angle is also limited. As soon as you turn the screen a few degrees, seeing the numbers is impossible.


  • It offers unique features like memory mode
  • The timer is small, so you can travel with it
  • It provides a magnet and kickstand
  • You get a 1000-day warranty after buying this timer
  • It comes with two units in the box


  • The viewing angle is limited 
  • The alarm is too loud

4. ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer 

ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer

Best For: Experienced cooks looking for the newest kitchen timer features like clock mode and indoor temperature thermometer.

Compared to the previous three options, this dedicated kitchen timer offers more features, perfect for experienced home cooks who’re always timing multiple meals. It’s similar to the OXO Good Grips triple timer. Here are some of my favorite ThermoPro features:

  • Calendar clock mode
  • Separate timers
  • Auto memory feature
  • Large LCD screen

Like the OXO timer, this digital timer offers a large 2.6 inch LCD screen with two separate timers. Unlike previous options, this ThermoPro can run up to 23 hours and 59 minutes, so use it to slow cook meals like beef stew and brisket.

With the calendar clock mode, set timers in increments of dates, months and years. 

You’ll also find a dial at the back, allowing for easy volume control. If you have sleeping kids or are sensitive to loud noise, feel free to customize this alarm around your needs. The other dials let you tune the brightness, so when cooking early in the morning or late at night, it won’t strain your eyes.


  • The two timers make multitasking easy
  • You can adjust the brightness and loudness of your large LED display
  • The big digits and buttons make for easy reading
  • It goes up to 23 hours and 59 minutes
  • It offers advanced memory features


  • If you’re just cooking basic keto meals, you won’t need most of the features

5. Colortrak 60 Minute Wind Up Timer

Colortrak 60 Minute Wind Up Timer

Best For: Cooks looking for an old-school wind up timer that’s affordable and loud.

This Colortrak 60-minute timer is an affordable egg timer that only weighs three ounces and is perfect for new cooks looking for something basic. You set it in increments of one minute, and it goes up to an hour.

It offers multiple functions like:

  • Magnetic backing
  • An internal sensor
  • A low battery indicator

The unique alarm sound is loud, so you’ll hear it even in the next room. It’s small and portable, which is handy when traveling. You also don’t need batteries to operate this Colortrack timer.

But what stood out to me is the classic design. It looks like the old school timers home cooks used in the 1900s. So if you prefer an old-school look over something with an LED screen, opt for this Colortrak.


  • It’s small and portable
  • The unique alarm sound is loud but not too loud
  • Since it’s made from plastic, it’s affordable
  • It only weighs three ounces


  • It won’t last as long as metal timers because its made from plastic

6. KeeQii Kitchen Timer

KeeQii Timer Kitchen Timer

Best For: Anyone who needs a heavy-duty timer that won’t break when it falls.

This KeeQii timer is like a stainless steel version of the Colortrak since it has that classic old-school design.

With an alarm sound of 80 decibels, it doesn’t matter where you are at home; you’ll hear your timer ring. This is helpful if you’re walking around the house while slow cooking a meal. Here are some key features that caught my eye:

  • A clock function
  • Heavy-duty magnet for easy clock placement
  • Countdown mode

KeeQuii uses a simple design, so there’s no learning curve. Simply turn the knob anticlockwise, set it to the desired time and you’re good to go. 

What I like about this KeeQuii is its heavy duty. So if you let it fall or spill hot water on it, the timer won’t break.

The only drawback is that you can’t use it early in the morning if you live with others. This is because of the loud alarm sound. It’ll wake everyone in your house, and there’s no way of adjusting the volume.


  • It offers a retro look
  • The clock is heavy-duty, so it won’t break when you let it fall
  • You can hear the alarm from a few rooms away due to the 80-decibel alarm sound 
  • It only weighs 3.5 ounces


  • You can’t adjust the volume of the alarm

7. ETradewinds Digital Kitchen Timer 

ETradewinds Digital Kitchen Timer

Best For: Home cooks looking for a basic kitchen timer than offers a lifetime warranty.

This digital kitchen timer is the last timer you’ll need to buy with its lifetime guarantee. Because it’s made with stainless steel, ETradewinds is so confident in it that they’ll give you a brand new timer if your current one breaks.

These are some of my favorite ETradewinds kitchen timer features:

  • Quiet operation
  • Fast forward function
  • Long battery power and life

When setting timers, you won’t hear that annoying beeping noise every time you click a button. 

At the bottom, you’ll find anchor points that prevent wobbling when you’re setting a time on your kitchen countertop. It goes up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, and if you want to go back to see the history of all your times, ETradewinds makes this possible with a click of a button.


  • This timer uses a no beep feature
  • Just this kitchen timer offers a lifetime limited warranty
  • The timer goes up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds
  • You can hang it around your neck or on your belt


  • The buttons are bulky and hard to press

Now let’s cover what to look for when shopping for digital kitchen timers.

What To Look For When Shopping For A Kitchen Timer

Consider these three factors when buying a countdown timer:

  • Function
  • Portability
  • Design


The most crucial factor to consider is the functionality of your kitchen timer.

Do you want something basic or a more advanced timer with an digital screen which lets you adjust the brightness and volume? For example, if you cook several meals at once, you’ll need a triple timer.

Or, if you live with other people, you might need adjustable volume settings, so you don’t wake everyone up.


Portability is another essential factor because small-timers let you hang them around your neck or clip it on your belt. You might not always hear an alarm stuck to the fridge or microwave if you’re in the next room.

If you’re traveling a lot, you’ll also want small mechanical timer so you can toss them in your suitcase without much fuss.


Get a timer that matches the tone of your kitchen. For example, if you’re going for a modern look, opt for a digital kitchen timer with an LED display. 

But if you want something more classic and old school, consider windup mechanical kitchen timers.

hands holding stylish kitchen timer

How Much Does A Kitchen Timer Cost?

High-quality mechanical timers start at around $5 but can go up to over $30. Timers on the lower end of the scale are still quality and can last for years, but they don’t offer advanced features. A more expensive triple kitchen timer often has features like adjustable volume and backlit visual alert.

What Can You Use Kitchen Timers For?

The primary function of a kitchen timer is to time your meals and beverages. However, you can use it for other activities like taking power naps, exercising, cleaning and finishing work.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Kitchen Timer

With quality electromechanical kitchen timers, you can complete errands while your meals are cooking. Simply set a time, stick it to the fridge or stove, and you’re good to go.

When shopping for a kitchen timer, consider function, portability and design. Reliable timers don’t have to be expensive. You can get a basic yet quality kitchen timer for around $5 to $10. And if you want something fancier, LED timers only cost $30.

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