Is Asparagus Keto? Carbs In Asparagus

February 17, 2023 0

46 percent of people cheat on keto, many of which don’t even know they are cheating. And who can blame them? I’ve been doing keto for over seven years and sometimes I’m not 100 percent […]


The Genuine Truth About Favored Dressing

February 10, 2023 0

Ranch is usually made with a combination of buttermilk, garlic, mustard and herbs. This gives it a creamy yet tangy taste that goes well with almost anything. But is ranch keto? This post will walk […]


Easy & Low Carb Keto Zuppa Toscana Recipe

February 8, 2023 0

Ready for a low-carb Keto Zuppa Toscana soup? It’s full of flavorful cooked sausage, diced bacon, turnips instead of starchy potatoes, fresh kale, and a touch of parmesan cheese at the end. I’m convinced this […]


Carbs In Grapefruit: Is Grapefruit Keto?

February 3, 2023 0

Companies genetically enhance citrus fruit to taste as sweet as possible, which is why it’s a big no on keto. But grapefruit is bitter, and most assume this is due to a low sugar content. […]


Best Options To Try Out!

February 2, 2023 0

Dutch Bros has a wide range of drinks ranging from cold brew coffee to tea and energizer slushy-like drinks. It’s a similar joint to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, except they don’t really have any food […]