How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy?

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Red light therapy is a treatment where you expose yourself to light in the 625 to 1200 nanometer wavelength. Clinical trials show this clears skin, improves heart health and speeds up injury recovery. But how […]


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Joovv Red Light Therapy Review: After 3 Years

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Red light therapy manages and treats various problems like chronic skin issues, sports injuries and sleep disorders. I also wanted to experience these powerful benefits, so I started using the Joovv three years ago. Three […]


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I know one of the things we miss the most on keto is pizza. While there are tons of keto friendly pizza recipes online, sometimes you’re just craving take out. I get it! The awesome […]


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Sleep directly impacts your quality of life because studies show sleep deprivation is the same as being drunk. So in this post, I’ll look at the relationship between red light therapy and sleep to answer […]