Is Edamame Keto-Firendly Or Just Low Carb?

April 26, 2022 0

Edamame is packed with vitamin K, choline, dietary fiber and plant protein. But is edamame keto-friendly? Well, this post goes over eating edamame on keto, some yummy edamame recipes and lower-carb alternatives. Can You Eat […]


Is Garlic Keto? Nutritional Facts And Recipes

April 20, 2022 0

Garlic is a potent vegetable that fights multidrug-resistant E. coli, dangerous parasites, and chronic inflammation. But is garlic keto-friendly? In this post, I’ll go over everything you need to know about garlic. I’ll cover if […]


Drinking Diet Soda On Keto – Yay Or Nay?

April 15, 2022 0

Diet soda allows you to get rid of sugar cravings without consuming copious amounts of high-fructose corn syrup. You can also use it as a mixer when enjoying a few drinks with friends. But is […]


10 Best Sugar-Free Syrup For Your Keto Diet

April 14, 2022 0

Syrups make everything taste better.  Unfortunately, companies add high-fructose corn syrup and copious amounts of sugar to make their syrups taste nice. Eating this can lead to serious health problems like type 2 diabetes, heart […]


Is Quinoa Keto-Friendly And Low Carb?

April 7, 2022 0

Quinoa is a popular superfood in the health community. It’s packed full of copper and manganese, and the high fiber content aids digestion. But is quinoa keto-friendly? Well, in this post, I’ll go over if […]


The Best 3 Ingredient Keto Frosty Recipe

April 4, 2022 0

This keto chocolate frosty recipe is literally a copycat of the Wendy’s frosty! The good thing is that our 3 ingredient keto frosty recipe does not use any artificial ingredients and is low in net […]